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Experienced Class-A Management Teams

Our goal is to provide an around-the-clock service to home owners and commercial property owners/managers. We specialize in residential management of individual’s full time residents, weekend/vacation homes and rental properties. With our vast experience in the real estate industry, we give an outside perspective on home care, maintenance and renovations. Our firm is determined to create value for each one of our clients through convenience, financial savings and proactive maintenance to avoid catastrophic events.

Mission & Vision

Real Estate Solutions is your one stop shop for your real estate care. Our services range from new construction design build to general maintenance. Our teams vast experience and knowledge of residential and commercial properties allows us to successfully create value for clients on many different levels. From direct cost savings on contract negotiations to preventative maintenance programs that help home and property owners avoid expensive losses. We help evaluate your assets and implement maintenance programs that will help you avoid costly repairs and insurance claims that will increase your premiums. We are a vertically integrated real estate investment & management firm that provides hands on management from acquisition through lease up and management of the asset. Our goal is to relieve the stresses of home-ownership from our clients and take full responsibility of managing their assets on a daily basis. No job is to small or large for our attention; we strive to ensure that our customers entrust us with their most prized possession- their home. Our approach is a direct partnership with the property owner; we work together as a team to reach their goals and maintain their expectations.

Our Team

Our employees have over 20 combined years of experience in construction, project management, residential maintenance, commercial management, contract negotiations and customer service. We understand home owners are stressed for time between running errands, picking/dropping off the kids, working 60-80 hours a week, traveling and much more. Our service provides an opportunity for home owners to be rid of the burden of their home. Trust in the Real Estate Solutions team to care for your home as we do ours.


With our combined knowledge of the industry and dedication to helping our investors managing their properties, we create value for each asset. Evaluating each property and client as its own unique situation, our approach ensures you receive quality investment without any hassle or uncertainty.

Sourcing properties in upcoming markets is the firms specialty, exploring untapped areas with tremendous upside and value add through rigorous capital improvement programs as well as repositioning rental terms for new tenants. Streamlining the process from acquisition through lease up is what makes Real Estate Solutions a premiere partner.

Property Management

Managing properties takes dedication, experience and knowledge of the properties. Real Estate Solutions brings a diverse staff of professional’s who have the requisite skills to help manage your assets successfully.

Acquisition Sourcing

To successfully execute contracts that will be the working tools to help manage your assets at the level required, you have to fully understand each individual scope/trade/vendor.

Vendor Management

Managing expectations is the most important aspect of running a successful asset. Making the goal of the management company the goal of the vendor is crucial to the success of any project or assets.