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We Manage Real Estate Projects From A to Z.

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Home Maintenance & Repairs

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Interior/Exterior Renovations & Construction

Project Management

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Servicing Residential & Commercial Property

Our employees have over 40 combined years of experience in construction, project management, residential maintenance, commercial management, contract negotiations and customer service. With our vast experience in the real estate industry, Real Estate Solutions gives an outside perspective on home care, maintenance, renovations and commercial property management. Our firm is determined to create value for each one of our clients through convenience, financial savings and proactive maintenance, to avoid catastrophic events.

Residential properties are no different than commercial buildings that you work in every day. Both are to be treated as revenue producing assets that are run like a business. In order to be successful in operating a business, one must fully understand the long term strategies and goals. To avoid catastrophic disasters, you must maintain the property like a car engine; preventative maintenance is a key factor to running your property efficiently. It’s important to create a short term/long term plan for your capital improvements. Another key factor is projecting your equipment’s life expectancy.

Residential Solutions

With our combined knowledge of the industry and dedication to helping home owners managing their properties, we create value for each asset. Evaluating each property and client as its own unique situation, our approach ensures you receive quality work without any hassle or uncertainty.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the focal point of every home. It is an operational requirement as well as an entertaining necessity. In designer/building a kitchen it is essential to have professionals who are knowledgeable of the market designs, equipment advancements and personal touches to bring the project together.

Bathroom Renovations

Bath-to-Basics is our motto at Real Estate Solutions. From design to build we bring a unique vision to customizing your bathrooms. A new full bathroom from Real Estate Solutions can deliver immediate value in its use and adds to a home’s value.

Additions / Extensions

Making additions or extensions to your home can prove to be a challenge in today’s complex real estate market. You want to make a bold statement but you have to be a savvy consumer when dealing with contractors. Real Estate Solutions brings you from the design stage to project completion while maneuvering you around the red tape.

Comercial Solutions

Each and every commercial property has its strengths and weaknesses. In order to achieve efficiency, profitability and sustainability, you need an outside perspective. One that knows the industry, properties, vendors and challenges. Real Estate Solutions brings an array of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have firsthand knowledge. Allowing Real Estate Solutions to be a part of your commercial business will bring all of these expertise together into one service which is dedicated to your success.

Property Management

Managing properties takes dedication, experience and knowledge of the properties. Real Estate Solutions brings a diverse staff of professional’s who have the requisite skills to help manage your assets successfully.

Bid Analysis

To successfully execute contracts that will be the working tools to help manage your assets at the level required, you have to fully understand each individual scope/trade/vendor.

Vendor Management

Managing expectations is the most important aspect of running a successful asset. Making the goal of the management company the goal of the vendor is crucial to the success of any project or assets.